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Student Credit Cards

Did you know that being a student has a great many advantages when it comes to getting credit cards.  The credit card companies want to get a head start on their business by offering credit cards to students while they are in school.  The belief is that when the students graduate and get high paying jobs, the competition is stiffer for the credit card companies to get your attention!

So do not settle for a non-student credit cards.  Get those which offer special deals to students:

Chase Visa for students offers really good deals for students.  They offer free stuff with their student credit card program, with NO interest for the first 6 months.  This card also features the "smart-chip" technology, which means you pay zero, zilch, nothing for any fraudulent purchases.  Peace of mind is something you can count on with such features.  Click HERE to apply for the Chase visa student credit card.

Discover credit card is another good card.  They offer cash back for your purchases.  Considering that many schools now accept fees with credit cards, this is a great option as you can get cash back for paying your fees!  Additionally, you can get $10 cash when you first use this card with this special deal from them.  Click HERE to get your card and get $10 cash.

One big advantage of student credit card is that they are customized for student needs.  For example, they understand that most students do not have a credit history.  And since the students are just starting out on their own, they do not have much bank balances, or even regulars jobs for their matter.  This is still fine as long as you are a student, it is well understood.

May cards also send special money savings coupons and deals for students.  This is clearly a plus.  You can also get free coupons and shopping deals for music CD's, textbooks, DVD movies, electronics and more.  Like $5 off $10 coupons, where prices are already half even before the coupon!  Or save money with Newegg promo code.  Get many back to school deals here.

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