5 Ways to save money on campus : A tip from Used College Textbooks Net

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5 Ways to Save on Campus

I do not know any student who complains about having too much money to spare!  With the tuition and living cost as high as they are, saving money is essential to student living.  Here are 5 techniques that can help you save money on campus without giving up many of the pleasures of life!
  1. The number one technique is to buy the same items you would normally buy, but buy on a sale, or from bargain stores, or with coupons.  Look for printed coupons in your free student newspapers.  You can save quite a lot of pizza, hair-cuts, groceries through clipping coupons.  You can also get an entertainment coupon-book specifically for your area to save on meals, movies, travel and other items you shop regularly.  Here is a deal on entertainment books to save $5 off and free shipping.
  2. Likewise, shop online for items like electronics, textbooks, music CD's, etc.  In lost cases, you do not have to pay sales tax.  Plus, many online vendors have free coupons that you can add on top of the sale prices.  We recommend a2zDeals.com for free coupons and deals.  Click here for used textbooks.  Another great source for music CD and DVD video bargains is Half.com.  They have prices at least half off on everything.  Additionally, get $5 off $10 Half.com coupons here. And get many Newegg promo code here.
  3. Do not take your car to the campus!  Most campuses are crowded, and almost none have free parking on or near the campus.  By not having a car, you also save on car payments, car insurance, maintenance and gas.  Weather permitting, biking is your best bet.  If you stay farther away from campus, consider getting a moped: You get get around in pennies per day, plus not worry about paid parking.
  4. Shop around for long distance phone services.  Depending upon your calling patterns, different plans may save you a lot of money.  In any case, do not pay more than 5 cents a minute within state calls and 10 cents a minute on state calls.  International plans vary widely in flexibility and rates.  Check rates for the specific countries you call often.  Here is one good long distance phone service rate checker
  5. Take advantage of special offers for students.  For example, when traveling, ask for student discounts.  Many airlines have cheaper fares for students just for asking.  You may also get student credit cards, many of them provide cheap travel vouchers to students.  Here are more resources for bargain travel.
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5 Ways to Save Money on Campus: Make your $$'s go longer with these simple but proven money saving tips on campus.